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For the first 10 years of being an entrepreneur I was stuck in a constant grind to grow my business. I was the hero. We were successful, but I was at the center of everything going on in my business.

I was too busy. My task list was a treadmill with many of the same items making their way back to it. I stayed optimistic, but I felt like I was always behind, and I took it out on my employees and those around me.

While I had a team of talented employees, due to my lack of personal organization I wasn't fully leveraging their talent. I believed the lie that "No one will care about your business as much as you do!"

I was willing to change, but didn't know what I should do. Then the light bulb came on. Through a series of learnings and events I was able to change my mindset around my business, and things finally began to change.

My epiphany came in 2014, I was on an extended bike trip with my family and it clicked, I knew what I needed to change. It finally hit me that there was a MAJOR conflict between what I said was important, vs. where I actually invested my time and energy.

Many business owners focus too much on what’s wrong with their business and employees, and less about what’s wrong with them.

Can you relate? I created a Mastermind Experience that helps entrepreneurs push through these same challenges and gain more control over their personal and business goals.

A Mastermind Group is a group of people in a similar position that come together to share knowledge, learn new skills, and grow as a group .

Once I gained the skills referenced above, things started going markedly better in my business. I eventually grew my business to 10M in revenue and sold to a competitor. I began consulting companies on what I had learned but felt a tug to work with entrepreneurs.

The Mastermind Group offers peer accountability, and a continued meeting cadence to help entrepreneurs become better business owners and executives.

Learn to manage yourself in order to manage others. This will enable you to achieve leverage in your business, and increase buy-in among your team.

As a former business owner, I’m uniquely qualified to take people through this process. My greatest asset at Bikewagon was my team. They enabled me to leave for months at a time, even during our busiest seasons. We grew Bikewagon to 10M in revenue and later sold the company to a strategic partner.

Too often, entrepreneurs don’t figure this out, and are responsible for high turnover and stale growth. Many times needlessly shouldering too much of the burden in growing the business. Leaving their team on the sidelines with excess creative energy.

You are ONE IDEA away from major gains in your business.

What others are saying:

“Looking back, I can see real progress in my personal and business growth that I can trace back to Dale. The tasks and reading assignments have opened my eyes, saved me time and brought new clarity to my business vision. Looking forward, I can see big jumps in my progress using the tools and contacts he has given me. I highly recommend Dale and his coaching program.” – Hoyt, Financial Planner

“It has been great to dive into these ideas & actions with a group of like minded people. Each person brings their own experience & expertise to the group on how they have implemented what we’re studying. Being able to chat in a group setting as well as one on one coaching has been very helpful!” – Weston, Sales Professional

Dale’s mastermind offered me transformational information that I could apply right away to having a better work/life balance. He shows you how to effectively manage not only your time, but also your priorities. I highly recommend it to anyone that is being run by their business and wants to take back control. – Carl, Entrepreneur


Business is the vehicle each of us can use to fulfill our goals. Dale has been successful in multiple businesses, including growing an e-commerce company to 10M in revenue, and being able to retire in his early 30's.

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