My name is Dale Majors

Father of six, Entrepreneur, and Coach. Built an ecom company to 10M in revenue and had an exit. I created Venture Anyway to offer a coaching solution that overdelivered value. Want to know more? The long version is below...

Dale Majors of Venture Anyway is an Entrepreneur Coach

I’ve got a pretty typical story for an entrepreneur. Conceive, Grow, and Sell a company only to realize it’s more about the process than the outcome.

My goal isn’t to make you rich. My methods aren’t geared to create instant success.

As a workaholic and entrepreneur by nature, I understand the thirst to create and innovate, the constant tug to accomplish more and to hit the next milestone.

My message is to hit pause, and consider what you really want. Deep down, what are the values you hold close? Based on how you spent your time last month, were you investing in the areas you consider are truly important to you?

My goal is to help entrepreneurs develop a clear plan they trust that will help them reach their goals. To create a process that allows them to kick into autopilot and do the necessary work that will take them where they want to go. A sustainable plan that doesn’t involve ignoring important relationships along the way.

Deliberate. Purposeful. These are the words that are repeated throughout our Mastermind group calls as entrepreneurs change their lives to be more aligned with what they actually want.

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More about me...

I’ve always been an entrepreneur, I just didn't always realize it. I loved building and creating. The first experience I had with this was building a half pipe while I was in Junior High. I was obsessed with Roller Blading. My childhood was also filled with collecting things, and being obsessed with things like Bmx, Rollerblades, Card and Coin collecting, and Wrestling.

My first real business didn’t happen until I was in high school. I began selling bike parts that I found at a store that sold salvaged freight. This turned out to be a great way to fuel my 1988 ford festiva and give me spending money. It also paid for 2 years of missionary service, in Portugal.

My fate wasn’t truly sealed as an entrepreneur until I rode my bike from Canada to Mexico. Riding my bike for days on end and listening to self help books on my cassette player, I was convinced that the world was my oyster, and that I could be my own boss. It was the perfect thing to do as a 21 year old, and I was still naive enough to believe I could do anything. I took that drive, and returned home to ask my Dad to partner with me in my eBay business. He believed in me, and with his credit card I began to scale up my purchasing. I loved bikes, so we eventually focused on cycling equipment and that's when Bikewagon was born.

From 2004 until 2011 we grew from our garage into a 25,000 square foot warehouse. We eventually grew to over 10M in revenue and later sold the company to a strategic partner.

My claim to fame during this time was that I was able to create systems in the business, and find and train key employees that allowed me to take my wife and 3 kids to Europe on a bike trip for two months. We've taken our kids on over 3,000 miles of bike tours.

After selling Bikewagon I began to consult companies on ecommerce strategy, but most engagements ended up with me involved in their personal development initiatives, I found I loved being an executive coach. I love personal development, and while I’m not done being an entrepreneur and starting companies, I wanted to dedicate a portion of my time to helping entrepreneurs create personal systems that help them achieve the success they’re capable of. This is the purpose of Venture Anyway.

“None of us are an island. We stand on the shoulders of Giants. My goal is to give entrepreneurs a support system that propels them towards their goals.”

Use Entrepreneurship to create the life and Business YOU want

I value time and creative freedom much more than money or status. Entrepreneurship is an amazing tool that can be used to help you live the life you want.

Dale Majors the entrepreneur coach running venture anyway