Venture Challenge

21 Days to Reboot and Take Charge of your life and business.

Have you ever felt this way?

You have a nagging thought that you can’t shake – that you’re more capable than your current results may suggest. You find yourself telling yourself you’re “going to do better”, and that “This time is going to be different”.

If you’re nodding your head, then this is or you, keep reading.

You’ve taken steps towards change before, but sometimes the efforts fall flat. You’re successful in the eyes of those around you but you still feel you’ve got more in you. You likely err on being too hard on yourself.

This isn’t for everyone – I’m a bit of a hard driver.

It’s about the Journey

Hi, I’m Dale Majors…

From the outside in my life was pretty amazing. I had a beautiful family, a thriving business and was known as a relatively successful entrepreneur to all those that knew me.

I was essentially retired after selling my business Bikewagon at the age of 33, I took amazing several month vacations with my family, I couldn’t ask for anything more. But there was a nagging thought I couldn’t shake. I was no happier, in fact, I was less happy than I was when I was in the middle of growing my business, when life was full of uncertainty. How could that be?!?!?

You’re probably expecting me to tell you how my life began to fall apart, how I gained weight and struggled with bouts of despair and depression. Nah, it’s not that kind of story.

But what did happen isn’t quite as exciting or dramatic, but I did sleep in… It was a few months after I had sold my business and my wife called to me from across our king bed, “Why are you still in bed?”

You see, I’d spent the last 12 years actively engaged in growing my business. I had goals, and a plan, and laying in bed wasn’t part of that plan! But when I sold my business my old playbook and plan went with it!

During those few months of personal discovery I got a taste of what it was like for most others in the world, and I felt the lack of motivation that I’d seen in those around me. I was just like them – I didn’t have any super powers!!! I spent about a year in this discovery phase trying to figure myself out and get motivated again until this though hit me. ALL OF US have the potential to be motivated, and it hit me what was getting in the way of not only my motivation, but that of others’ too.

As I recalled times in my life where I had HUGE AMOUNTS of motivation, those times were made up of not only a gap between where I was and where I wanted to be, but also a specific plan and road map I could use to take me to my goal. The gap is scary though, and for this reason, many people don’t give themselves permission to imagine it.

I still remember the exact moment when I came up with this idea. I’d reluctantly left the house for a jog on a sunny Saturday morning. I ran the loop on the old rail trail by our house, I checked up on the construction at the nearby park, and as I was doing my cool down and walking through the desert path with the late morning sun hitting my neck. I’d been wondering why some people can have amazing results, and others seem to always fall short.

It came to me. Each of us come to an intersection in life that scares us. We don’t know what’s on the other side but there’s a deeper internal sense that’s calling us forward, and we have a choice. Do we stay in comfort, or do we cross despite of our fear? Despite our fear do we cross anyway? It was in this moment that I decided to create Venture Anyway. We don’t venture to the supermarket – venturing is to continue inspite of uncertainty. When we follow the glimpse of what our future could be, we unlock a magic that has the power to transform us.

Some of my favorite lyrics are by the Killers. Sometimes I get nervous when I see an open door. Close your eyes, clear your heart, cut the cord! Are we Human or are we Dancer?

When you’re following your glimpse, it’ll wake you up in the morning. People on a journey don’t need an alarm clock, okay, maybe they still do but you get the picture. You’re on a journey, and it’s taking you somewhere.

I’ve been coaching motivated individuals for years on how to Journey effectively. This 21 day challenge gives people the tools and framework to journey in a way that will help them get to their destination without giving up on their happiness on the way.

Without going on too much of a tangent, I’ve done a pretty good job at balance. I create Bikewagon, we sold over 50 Million dollars of bike parts over 11 years, 10 Million in the last year. While doing over 1 Million dollars a month over the summer I was able to leave the business for 2 months and work only 15 minutes per day. I was the envy of all my friends who owned businesses. (It was really the other way around, they were owned by their business.)

I thought I’d be the last person to run a business like this, or writing a sales letter. I got over my hang ups though once I started seeing others benefit from my coaching and content. Here’s what other people are saying about my coaching:

“Looking back, I can see real progress in my personal and business growth that I can trace back to Dale.  The tasks and reading assignments have opened my eyes, saved me time and brought new clarity to my business vision. Looking forward, I can see big jumps in my progress using the tools and contacts he has given me.  I highly recommend Dale and his coaching program.” – Hoyt, Financial Planner

“It has been great to dive into these ideas & actions with a group of like minded people. Each person brings their own experience & expertise to the group on how they have implemented what we’re studying. Being able to chat in a group setting as well as one on one coaching has been very helpful!” – Weston, Sales Professional

Dale’s mastermind offered me transformational information that I could apply right away to having a better work/life balance. He shows you how to effectively manage not only your time, but also your priorities. I highly recommend it to anyone that is being run by their business and wants to take back control.  – Carl, Entrepreneur

What I’ve learned from my coaching is that consistency over time, and accountability make a GAME CHANGING DIFFERENCE in starting your Journey. That’s why I set up an option of my mastermind that doesn’t cost $3,000K, I’m calling it the Venture Challenge.

21 days of training that will put you on a path to capture that glimpse, or the version of yourself that you know is out there.

21 days for $47

Here’s what we’ll cover

Week 1: Value Yourself

  •  Take an inventory of everything you have, and are, and use it to your advantage.
  • Learn to leverage past successes, and learn from past failures to avoid land mines.

Week 2: Value other Perspectives

  • Discover the value in others, learn how to cover your blindspots and get over obstacles that have held you back historically.

Week 3: Value Action – Getting Momentum

  • Learn to Take Action
  • Tips on How to See Opportunity

What’s you’ll get when you join

21 days of Virtual Coaching with Dale Majors ($2,100 value)

This challenge is meant to put wind in your sails – and light a fire under you to achieve your potential.

Venture Guide Success Workbook

A digital workbook to work through the daily exercises

Venture Guidebook Bundle

Venture Guide – $19.99 Value

Venture Anyway Merchandise Credit $19.99 Value

Venture Anyway Facebook Accountability Group

$500 value

Access to all video recordings




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