Scholarship & Venture Fund


A core part of our mission at Venture Anyway is to inspire and enable people to increase their income. Whether that’s creating a side hustle, or creating a full time business.

We provide a scholarship for every product sold. This scholarship gives discounted access to our training modules. For example, if we sell a training and book for $47 dollars, the scholarship price would cover a majority of the hard costs and cost $15 for a student.

This training includes the Venture Guide, Online Training Modules, and access to a challenge of their choice.

By purchasing products from Venture Anyway you're giving opportunities to other entrepreneurs that may need a boost.

Those that make it through the challenge, content and training will be able to submit for a loan from the Venture Loan fund.

Venture Fund

We've partnered with several providers that sell business starter kits for window washing, car detailing, and even vending machines. Outside of this, we also offer custom loans.

We loan to committed entrepreneurs that have made effort to meet the criteria that we’ve set. We’ve created our own educational content that prepares people to be entrepreneurs and we offer ongoing training and guidance to those that we partner with.

We base our loan decisions on the following criteria:

  • Completion of Venture Anyway entrepreneurship course. (Youtube, Venture Anyway Training Modules, PDF Documents)
  • Completed Venture Anyway business plan with a financial model and understanding of how the money will be paid back.