Here’s a list of projects I’m currently involved in. If you’re interested in getting involved in any of them, please use the contact us form and shoot me a message.

Venture Anyway

Venture Anyway is a brand with a mission to help 1,000,000 people develop a bias for action. I’m heavily involved in this brand and have created a keynote speech, written a book, and have created trainings and mastermind groups to assist in the cause.

Tallmind Marketing

Tallmind is an outsourced marketing company that I founded with my partner Scott Nelson. Tall Mind helps companies that are marketing on the web develop strategies, save money, and find partners to help them execute their vision. Visit us at


Bright Lab Lights is a high end supplier of strings lights that are perfect for decorating nurseries, reading nooks and to give color to any room. This is the business I’m the least involved in, mainly because I’m not cute, and Bright Lab Lights is as cutesy as it gets. Check them out for yourself at


Steptap is a platform for online product instructions. We also offer professional services for product companies that want to deliver world class product instructions to their customers. Learn more about Steptap here:
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