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The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg

Do you ever find yourself making lists of all the things you’re going to change, only to find yourself re-writing the same list a few months later? If that sounds like you, I feel your pain, and know how it feels. This book could be your answer. When I read the power of habit for […]

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Seven tips for establishing new habits

A few years ago I was riding my bicycle along the Loire river in France with my family and realized I was out of balance. This wasn’t anything new, every few months I would make a list of things that I wanted to start doing. Things like working out, studying a language, playing the piano, […]

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The Dry Run – What I’d tell to my 21 year old self about planning.

Take time each day and week to get clear on what you have to do, what time you have to do it, and when you will make it happen.

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